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    Welcome to GPS Astrology

    My name is Ben and I’m the owner and founder of GPS Astrology.
    I was born on a small farm in Germany but spent my formative years in Southern Spain and later lived in various other countries. I completed Bachelor’s Degree in Media Communication in the UK.

    Western Astrology has been an interest of mine for over 20 years. My interests lie in philosophy, psychology, various spiritual approaches and travel. I’ve long practiced Theravada Buddhism and spent many years in various monasteries and retreat centres in Europe and Asia.

    My focus lies on several astrological approaches. Being a Taurus Sun and Capricorn AC, gives me a rather grounded and practical outlook on life.

    As an astrologer and life-path consultant, I strive to give insightful, practical and down-to-earth advice to my clients. I can offer readings in English, German or Spanish.

    For questions, information and readings, please get in touch.