Readings & Consultations


Birth Chart: Your Personality

A birth chart reading is an analysis of your individual cosmic imprint. A reading will help you optimise your strengths and give you greater insight into recurring themes in your life, whether they be financial, familial, or romantic. You’ll be able to answer questions such as:
“Why do I always feel/think/react this way?” Or,
“Why do I keep doing/meeting people who…?”

Price: 100€ --> (50min. incl. MP3. recording)

Solar Returns & Forecasts: The Upcoming Years

The Solar Return & Forecast will disclose the most important events or topics that lie ahead in the next months and years of your life. This forecast can prepare you for challenges that lie ahead and will enable you to make better informed decisions once these challenges come knocking at your door. Be a step ahead and well prepared for the future.

Price: 120€ --> (50min. incl. MP3. recording)

GPS: What Direction?

Do you have a pressing question which urgently needs an answer? Are you unsure which direction to take in life? Maybe you’re doubtful about that new offer or you wonder whether an important relationship needs changing. Do you want to relocate to another city and want to know how things may unfold for you there? An individual GPS astrology consultation will help you.

Price: 120€ --> (50min. incl. MP3. recording)